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1. General terms

1.1. Forum ZDSimulator.com (hereinafter - "Forum"), located at http://forum.zdsimulator.com/, is a private electronic resource that provides the Internet users who accept this agreement, to participate in the discussion of the ZDSimulator railroad simulator and CIS rail transport, as well as use other services provided by the Forum.

1.2. Forum Rules (hereinafter - "Rules") are designed to regulate the relationship between the registered visitors of the Forum (hereinafter - "Users") and Administrators, Moderators and Developers (hereinafter - "Administration").

1.3 The Administration provides you access to the use of the Forum and its functionality under the terms, which are the subject of these Rules. Terms of these Rules are considered by the Administration of the Forum as a public offer in accordance with Art. 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

In addition to this agreement Administration may establish additional rules regulating specific aspects of the use of services provided by the Forum.

1.5 By registering at the Forum User agrees with all paragraphs of these Rules, as well as all paragraphs of additional agreements related to the services used by User at the Forum. Ignorance of any clauses of these Rules does not exempt the User from liability for their violation. Non-compliance with these Rules may result in a denial of access to the Forum services. In case of disagreement of the User with at least one provision of these Rules, the User shall cease using the Forum.

1.6 The User is fully responsible for the security of their username and password and for losses incurred due to their loss or unauthorized use of their account. It is recommended that you change your password on a regular basis. The Forum Administration is not responsible and will not compensate for any losses incurred due to the unauthorized use of the login and password from the User's account by third parties. All actions performed by the visitor logged in with the username and password of the User shall be considered as actions of the User. The User is fully responsible for all actions performed by the authorized person on their behalf, as well as for all information and materials they upload, receive, transmit or otherwise make available through the Forum.

The User undertakes not to publish any materials (text messages, images, files, etc) that are illegal, harmful, offensive to morality or in violation of copyrights, materials that the user has no right to make available under law or under any contractual relations, materials that affect any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other property rights and/or copyright and related rights of third parties, the publication of which is expressly prohibited by the Forum.

1.8 The Forum administration shall not be liable for misappropriation of other persons' materials by Forum users (in other words, when a Forum user publishes material with attributed authorship) and for other cases of violation of copyrights on materials posted by users. However, Administrators try to monitor and prevent such cases to the extent possible.

1.9 Forum users should not violate any laws of Ukraine and other countries that are related to the content posted by the User or the User himself.

1.10. Forum Administration reserves the right to
1.10.1. set any restrictions on the use of the Forum;
1.10.2. Terminate the User's password and delete any User data in case of violation of these Rules;
1.10.3. modify these and additional Rules at any time;
1.10.4. Suspend or discontinue Forum services;
1.10.5. change or delete any content created by User at its sole discretion without explaining the reasons.

1.11. The Board Administration provides the User with the ability to create a single personal account. If User creates more than one account, Administration reserves the right to delete accounts created by User and/or deny User the right to use the Forum.

1.12. Forum services are provided "as is". The Administration of the Forum shall not be liable for the compliance of the Forum with the objectives and expectations of the User, direct or indirect damage to the User as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, changes in functions, defects, delays in data transmission, unauthorized access to communication and/or User data due to technical failure, malicious actions or other situations.

1.13. The User shall have the right to complain about the actions of the Administration to the email address [email protected]. Examination of complaints and response thereto is made within 14 days. Discussion of the actions of the Administration in the public domain is prohibited.

1.14. User has the right to use the complaint function to inform the Administration of violations of paragraphs 3 of these rules by other users. Use of this function in other cases is prohibited.

2. Registration

2.1 Registration on the Forum is required for the publication of messages and full-fledged use of the Forum.

2.2. It is not allowed to register as a nickname:
2.2.1. names of rolling stock models;
2.2.2. names of railway transport positions and professions;
2.2.3. meaningless sets of letters and/or numbers;
2.2.4. addresses of web-sites, e-mail etc;
2.2.5. a twin name of an existing nickname (visually similar, for example, admin and Adm1n);
2.2.6. names of trademarks for which the user has no rights;
2.2.7. a username with embellishments, "coolhacker" character substitutions, e.g: -=Vitek=-, M@himka, etc.

2.3 When registering and further use of the Forum, it is forbidden to use the network name (nickname, login, username), statuses and signatures that contain profanity.

2.4 After registration the User shall confirm that the e-mail address entered is up to date. The Administration reserves the right to introduce a special procedure of account activation.

2.5. When registering and using the Forum the IP-addresses from which you enter and send messages are collected.

2.6 Collective account creation is prohibited.

3. Topics and messages

3.1 The Forum communication languages are Russian and Ukrainian. In order to avoid misunderstandings Administration and Users, who left messages in a language that is not clear for some Users, take measures to translate this message and post it after the disputed one. It should be remembered that visitors who know only Russian may not understand other languages. Messages addressed to all users of the Forum, it is recommended to write in Russian, to avoid misunderstandings and reduce the burden on the Administration.

3.2 At the discretion of the Administration it is allowed to post messages in transliteration. Administration will translate messages from transliteration as far as possible. In some cases it is allowed to leave the original (transliteration) text supplementing it with a translated analogue.

3.3 The user should choose the most appropriate section to create a topic.

3.4 It is not allowed to post similar messages in different forum topics.

3.5 It is forbidden to create topics:
3.5.1. duplicate the existing themes of the Forum;
3.5.2. in Forum sections which do not correspond to the subject area;
3.5.3. with a poorly worded name;
3.5.4. threads addressed to the specific participants of the Conference and created for the discussion of the specific Users, except for the threads related to the greetings of the participants in the specialized sections.

3.6. the title of a topic (topic) should reflect the essence or the purpose of the topic as accurately as possible.

3.7. When creating topics and posting messages user is obliged:
3.7.1. respect the opponents' point of view;
3.7.2. express themselves thoughtfully and substantially;
3.7.3. follow the norms of ethics and morality, spelling and punctuation rules;
3.7.4. use only common abbreviations and acronyms;
3.7.5. follow the correctness of tagging when quoting, highlighting, and formatting the text;
3.7.6. avoid offtops (deviations from the topic under discussion).

3.8 When placing the content (materials), which require saving on the User's devices, it is necessary to use file exchange services without time limitation. The use of links to own web pages (sites) is not allowed. In exceptional cases it is allowed to use direct links to archives, executable files etc. It is forbidden to use file exchange services, access to which is restricted by the legislative norms of Ukraine.

3.9. In messages are prohibited:
3.9.1. calls to violation of the current legislation (including copyright law, both Ukrainian and international), racist or nationalistic statements, calls for ethnic or religious hatred, rude, obscene or abusive (in any form) statements, and messages, the content of which is covered by other articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine;
3.9.2. posting deliberately false or misleading information, information of libelous nature, as well as provoking other Users to violate these Rules;
3.9.3. unauthorized moderation - a situation in which a user who is not a representative of the Administration, begins to make "procedural" remarks to other users or assumes the functions of a moderator.
3.9.4. full quotation of the message, which is the previous one before the one that is written by the User.
3.9.5. excessive quoting and quoting of images;
3.9.6. flooding - posts that take up a lot of space and carry no or very little useful information;
3.9.7. flaming - exchange of messages, which is a war of words, which has no relation to the original cause of the dispute. Flaming messages usually contain personal insults and are often aimed at further inflaming the quarrel;
3.9.8. questions about unfinished developments;
3.9.9. the use of "coolhacker" character substitution;
3.9.10. inserting full-length images and videos that are not placed under a spoiler;
3.9.11. discussion of politics, government leaders, actions of party organizations, etc.
3.9.12. advertising of third-party websites (except official websites of railway transport divisions), groups and social networking communities.

4. Final and transitional provisions

4.1 Provisions of article 2.2 shall apply to Users whose accounts are registered after 01.03.2016 00:00:00 EEST as well as all changes in account data after that time.

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